Year 2 Confirmation


Please Mark Your Calendars!  
The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated at the Cathedral of St. Raymond on 
Tuesday, April 25, 2016 at 7:00pm.  
Additional information, date of practice and requirements for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation , will be sent home with students at a later date.  
Please remember to check your child's folder.


CHOSEN: Your Journey Toward Confirmation

Mrs. Offerman and Mr. Botka's eighth grade students will be using  a new, exhaustive faith-formation resource from Ascension Press which offer young people all the information they need to choose Christ with confidence.

Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation is a hefty text which doesn’t speak down to the young men and women who will use it. At the same time, it’s engaging—with its catchy graphics, stunning photography, weighty questions and confident answers to the questions teens ask.

Teens who experience Chosen will find themselves drawn deeply into the beauty of Catholicism and the love of Jesus Christ. In a world searching for meaning, Chosen speaks to the hearts and minds of our youth through comprehensive materials and engaging videos taught by an impressive array of presenters. This is a new level of catechesis that uses modern methods to transmit eternal truths.”

To learn how this comprehensive learning experience integrates video and workbook lessons, as well as how materials for leaders, parents, and sponsors are seamlessly incorporated into this dynamic program, visit

CHOSEN resource materials HERE



Grade 8
Year 2

Tim Botka
Heather Offerman

Confirmation Requirements
(Red Folder)



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