Homecoming Fest Committee

In 1942, at the first St. Raymond Parish picnic, Fr. Hoover said:


“You and I, who are having “loads of fun” at the picnic realize that it means “loads of work” for someone.  That someone in this case are the committee and their helpers.  We are proud of our grand workers and wish to thank them.


But there is One above Who is extremely grateful for anything done for His sake, even picnic chores, and we know He will not forget.”


We echo those words today and with grateful hearts thank our outstanding Homecoming Fest Committee!




Homecoming Fest Committe


Jerad Abbott

Colleen Abbott

Chris Adler

Kelly Alt

Rob Bailey

Kellie Bailey

John Bailey

Natalie Bayci

Brian Bessler

Tim Botka

Katie Choudhary

Michael D'Atri

Patty Eggen

Nick Ferro

Missy Ferro

Tony Gavlin

James Grzadzinski

Cyndi Karges

Jeanne Leeders

Sean Leeders

Jeff McCune

Rosie McCune

Mary Sue Miller

Jason Mottl

Laura Mottl

Jan Novotny

Christine Pershey

Deacon Ed Petak

Pete Pluth

Ryan Poropat

Beverly Reeves

Judie Renz

Danielle Schumacher

Dave Spesia

Kathy Starasinich

Mary Wollgast

Jayme Zobel

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