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planning music for your marriage liturgy


Music for the wedding should be planned jointly by the couple utilizing the Wedding Music Selection Form (download from the side bar on this page) in consultation with the Cathedral Director of Music.  Remember that the Sacrament of Marriage is a liturgical celebration.  Therefore, one of the basic principles that should underlie your selection of music is whether the music is indeed liturgical music.  Popular songs and secular music, no matter how meaningful they may be to you, don't really have a place in the sacred liturgy, though they could be performed more appropriately at your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.  For the wedding liturgy you’ll want to ensure that the emphasis is on sacred music, music which derives its context from scriptural and liturgical sources, and by its very nature enhances your union within the liturgical rites being celebrated.

Couples are encouraged to listen to musical selections available online. Please utilize iTunes, YouTube, or any other source for music listening to review our selections. 

The Cathedral Music Staff is honored and happy to help you in preparing and planning your wedding liturgy.  Please feel free to contact the Cathedral Music Office at (815) 722-6653 with your questions.  We look forward to working with you.








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