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Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus Conference

If you are in need of assistance or know someone who is, please call SVDP @ 815-773-4167.  A St. Vincent DePaul volunteer will return your call within 24 hours. For security purposes, return calls are made from a "private/blocked" line not recognized by caller ID's.

September 27 Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul.  

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul 

The Society of Saint Vincent DePaul is an international lay organization supported by the Cathedral offering prayers, guides to resources, and assistance with housing rent or mortgage payments to those who have fallen upon times of hardship and personal crisis. All assistance is confidential. Members collect and distribute resources to the poor and needy of our church and the wider Joliet community. You can help those in need by contributing to our weekly collections of food, paper and personal products, or you can make a financial donation using your monthly Saint Vincent de Paul collection envelope. If you are in need of the services of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, or are interested in becoming a member, please contact the SVDP hotline at 815.773.4167. Please leave a detailed message and a SVDP volunteer will contact you within 24 hours. Please be aware that calls received are returned from a "blocked" phone number.

Yes, food pantries are in need of donations.  The Society of St. Vincent DePaul along with the Justice and Peace Committee invites you to help with filling that need by bringing ONE FOOD ITEM each Sunday. The committee also invites you to use that action as a motivation to look into why so many Americans need to depend on food pantries?  Why  so many of our children go to school hungry, what that means for their future, how food is distributed in the U.S. and around the world, how it is manufactured and by whom, what  that means for everyone’s health.

Please bring ONE FOOD ITEM, but also be attentive to the information provided near the collection baskets. What a sight and sign it would be if even 100 of our families reached into their pantry each Sunday for the sake of others and filled the baskets!

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Our Story...

Father Jim Burnett, then Pastor of the Cathedral, and a group of parishioners started the Cathedral Conference at St. Raymond’s. It was October 10, 2004. Some of these parishioners recorded Father Jim’s sermons and Father Jim offered the money that was given by parishioners purchasing CD’s of his sermons to begin the work of the Cathedral Conference.

Another founding member, Deacon Nick Bonnaci mentored the group and in his life made his own generous contributions.  At the time of his passing his wife, Betty, in the same spirit listed the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul as a beneficiary.

Today, The Cathedral of Saint Raymond Conference has about 32 active members who serve the needy of the community in the name of the parish.  

Father Burnett’s desire was that the Society assist those in need in the community. The new community was eager and set out to follow the rule of St. Vincent.  They did as the rule directed and visited and granted assistance spiritually and financially in any way that they could.

In those early days the Society struggled.  Their resources were limited.  Requests came in for assistance with housing, utilities, food, gas cards, and other kinds of bills.  The membership grew and dwindled.  Decisions were made with whoever was present at the meeting. Sadly, the Society learned that there were those who took advantage of charitable organizations.  There was a need for focus and leadership.

Kevin Rutkowski was the first President and he proceeded to create a board with leaders who had much needed expertise. The membership stabilized and even grew.  With prayer and discernment the board and the membership defined the focus for the Cathedral Conference: they could and would assist those who came to them, primarily with needs for housing. There were agencies and resources that could help with the many other needs, They would give priority to the needs of the members of the parish.  They would also give priority to families with children.  Finally, as the Cathedral of the diocese, if they were able and within the guidelines of the rule, they would not refuse any member of the Joliet community.

It is 2011.

Father Brad Baker is the pastor of the Cathedral.  There are about 32 active members of the Cathedral Conference at St. Raymond’s. Father Brad continues to support the Society and, as Father Jim began the practice, Father Brad continues the use of monthly Saint Vincent de Paul envelopes.  Approximately 200 families use these envelopes and the average monthly income is $2400. These have become the Associate members.

There are nine Board members who continue to offer their service in their areas of expertise.  New members who have joined the Society offer new talents and services.  There is a corps of persons on phone ministry and another corps of case visitors. Keeping the confidentially of the friends who have applied for assistance, the “stories” of all cases are shared with all members.  Those we serve become the heart of the prayers of the Conference.

The Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is strong; it is a community of persons dedicated to serving the needy.


There are new demands and challenges.  Some who seek assistance are not willing to help themselves; some who seek assistance have lacked truthfulness; some have taken advantage of the Society seeking assistance from several Conferences for the same request and sometimes over and over again. And even though we are blessed with the generosity of the parishioners, sometimes there is little or no money.

The Conference has kept careful records of all visits since their beginning and of all calls in the last years.  These records are the evidence for demonstrating careful stewardship of the finances entrusted to them.

The challenges have been identified.  The Conference faces new demands. It needs to continue to refresh itself with new members.  It needs to refresh the mission in the minds of all members. And it needs to look once more at the needs and the needy who come to the Society.





Patron of charities; horses; hospitals; leprosy; lost articles; Madagascar; prisoners; Richmond, Virginia; spiritual help; Saint Vincent de Paul Societies; Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory; Vincentian Service Corps; volunteers

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Board and Volunteers
Kathy Delrose, President
Jackie McFedries, Vice President
Mary Spesia, Treasurer
Bev Murer, Records
Julie Kinsella, Case Director

Natalie Bayci

Patty Blackburn
......Calls/Visits/Clothing Drive
Nancy Corbett

Martha Donlan
Mike Grady
........Council Accountant/
        Store Liaison/Food Runs

Mary Grady
......Store Volunteer/Food Runs
Ralph Guiterrez
........Clothing Drive/Daybreak Notion          Collector/Translator
Margie Hoffman
John Kaniuga

        Clothing Drive

Al Kaveney
........Clothing Drive/Food Runs
Pat Kaveney
........Store Liaison/Food Runs
Bob and Kathy Kerr
Jean Konrad
Jean Missig
Jim Missig
........Store Committee

Serge Murer

Jim and Jo Schmitz


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