Policies and Procedures

ARRIVAL / DISMISSAL POLICY                                   

EW: Valet line begins at the Raynor Ave Cathedral parking entrance; drive next to brick walkway. Parent has option USE the Valet Line or PARK and WALK students to DOOR 26. See MAP on reverse side.

CGS – Level 3 (with NO older student)

  • PARK. ENTER DOOR 26 using PLACARD (your safe adult id).  ESCORT child to Commons Room B.
  • RELEASE child to the duty catechist for his or her level in Commons Room B. EXIT building promptly at DOOR 1.

CGS – Level 3 (with older student) – Choose one of two options below

  • USE the Valet Line if allowing a Level 4 – 8 student to ESCORT a CGS – Level 3 student. All ENTER DOOR 26 together. Oldest student: RELEASE CGS – Level 3 student to the duty catechist for his or her Level in Commons Room B then report to classroom.
  • PARK and ESCORT CSG – Level 3 student to Commons Room B using PLACARD (your safe adult id) at DOOR 26.

Levels 4-8

  • ENTER DOOR 26 then REPORT to classroom.

Parents, IF RUNNING LATE: Students must remain in the building. PARK and MEET them at DOOR 1.

All CGS  – Level 3 students (with NO older student):  5:55 Dismissal from Commons Room B

  • PARK. ENTER DOOR 26 using PLACARD (your safe adult id).  WALK to Room B.
  • Catechist will RELEASE child to the adult holding your safe adult id PLACARD in Commons Room B. EXIT building promptly at DOOR 1 or DOOR 26.
  • Parent has option to direct older students to meet in Commons Room B so family can walk out together.

Grades 4 - 8 (with CGS – Level 3 student)

  • Parent must SEND email to RE@straymond.net stating you authorize a Level 4 – 8 student to ESCORT a CGS – Level 3 student to the car. Only after receiving a response from RE@straymond.net will a catechist RELEASE a CGS – Level 3 student to an older student.

Level 4 - 8

  • EXIT DOOR 26 promptly.
  • Parents have option to WAIT in the parking lot or USE the valet line.


  • All students ENTER at DOOR 1 and REPORT to the office.
  • Parents must PARK and ESCORT LEVEL 1 – 3 students.

EARLY DISMISSAL: (Kindly request sparingly.)

Parent / guardian REPORT to office using DOOR 1 (with PLACARD for a CGS – Level 3 student). RE staff will ESCORT student to DOOR 1.  Notification must be provided to RE staff if student is being released to someone other than parent / guardian using RE@straymond.net. PLACARD must be used for CGS – Level 3 student.

Allergic Reactions and Food Policies

The Cathedral of Saint Raymond Religious Education Program recognizes that life-threatening food allergies are a serious condition affecting many school-age children. It is our policy to maintain a safe environment for all children by minimizing the possibility of exposure to anaphylaxis food allergens to allergic children and by prompt response to unexpected allergic reactions. We:

  1. MAINTAIN a unified Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (page 2) to address life-threatening allergic reactions.
    1. OBTAIN a personalized emergency action plan for each student identified with a potentially life-threatening allergy.
    2. ENSURE that all catechists who are responsible for that student are aware of said emergency action plan.
    3. TRAIN all paid and volunteer staff on the administration of medication prescribed to him/her to prevent anaphylactic reactions (i.e. EpiPen, AuviQ, etc) in those years when the Cathedral of Saint Raymond Religious Education Program has a student that must have medication with them at all times.
  2. MAINTAIN NUT FREE ZONE in all space used for Religious Education (school classroom, parish commons, sacristy and cathedral). This means that all snacks and/or treats that come into the building for either the Christmas or end of year party must be approved by the Director of Religious Education (see RE Approved Food List). If a student brings in a food item that is NOT on the approved list, the snack MUST be sent down to the office for the student to pick up at the end of session and bring home.
  3. TRAIN students to immediately find a catechist if they notice any changes on the skin, as well as coughing, or changes in breathing of another student since these are signs of a possible allergic reaction.
  4. MAINTAIN a uniform clean-up procedure for all classroom parties using the following steps:
         a. WIPE DOWN AND SANITIZE all desks, tables, chairs, counters,
             and door handles after each party.
         b. COLLECT all wrappers, crumbs, and garbage in one bag if possible after each party.
         c. TIE UP garbage bag and DISPOSE of it in one of the large
             trashcans in the Commons.
  5. RECOMMEND to RE families that treat bags shared with the students to take home include items other than food. If the treat bag includes food, it MUST be individually packaged from the manufacturer and be listed on the provided approved food list.

Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

  1. ENTER this plan when a catechist/staff member notices or is alerted of any change in skin or breathing of a child that has an allergy action plan, the plan will be immediately referenced.
  2. ALERT the Director of Religious Education to assess the situation with the catechist/staff member. At this point, if the catechist/staff member and the Director of Religious Education are unsure of any medication needs to be administered, the student’s parents/guardians will be notified.
  3. ADMINISTER medicine according to student’s personalized emergency action plan if needed after assessing the situation. (In the case of an evident emergency situation, the catechist will react immediately and administer the appropriate medications before alerting the Director of Religious Education.)
  4. CALL 911 if a prescription medication that prevents anaphylactic reactions (EpiPen, AuviQ, etc) is administered.
  5. NOTIFY the student’s parents/guardians.

Please note: Food labels/ingredients may change over time, so it is always necessary to READ THE LABEL BEFORE PURCHASING SNACKS. Please read label carefully to make sure that products are NUT FREE. This INCLUDES labels that read: "May contain traces of peanuts/tree nuts." Approved Food List:

Fruits/vegetables (uncut)
apples (small)
baby carrots

Jolly Ranchers
Crackers/Snack Items
Nabisco Grahams (original)
Lays potato chips
Rold Gold pretzels
Smartfood Popcorn (reduced fat)
Townhouse Crackers
Enjoy Life brand cookies
Oreos (original)



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